Universal Pak Offers

  • Development of design;
  • Development of structures;
  • Consultations regarding the choice of suitable materials;
  • Top quality;
  • Individual approach to each product to ensure that the packaging reaches the target audience;
  • Compliance with the development and production terms;
  • Deliveries.

Cardboard Boxes

Universal Pak manufactures several types of paper and corrugated cardboard packaging.

Paper Cardboard Boxes

Paper cardboard - a set of several layers of paper and glue forming cardboard. Cardboard can be double-sided chalk paper or one -sided chalk paper leaving the other side semi-chalk, without any chalk, with brown craft backing, etc.


kartona kaste ar logu IMG 7159gFrom this type of material cardboard packages for medicines, biscuits, cakes, sponge cakes, sweets, cosmetics, grain products, rise, buckwheat and bakery products are made.


Boxes can be printed and made with the application of all possible post-treatment processes, or without any printing, just cut and glued.


Frilled Cardboard Transportation Boxes

Three-layered corrugated cardboard, various thickness, various degrees of robustness, structures available from the FEFCO catalogue.


Frilled cardboard boxes can be printed.

Lined Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Boxes which are most often made of micro-corrugated cardboard and where pre-printed paper cardboard is most often used as the finish. These boxes are robust, durable, they can withstand more weight than boxes made of paper cardboard.


As the cardboard printed by the application of the offset technology is used as the finish for these boxes, visually they look smart, bright, of high quality with excellent print.


Also post-treatment possibilities can be used: lamination, rising impressions, folio pressing, etc. The design can be made by applying CMYK and pantone colours.


Boxes for Cartridges

Universal Pak produces boxes for cartridges for the leading printer cartridge manufacturers in Latvia.

kartridza kaste


The lined corrugated cardboard technology is used for the production of boxes for cartridges.  Boxes are produced from micro-corrugated cardboard and lined with printed cardboard.


The result is robust, stable, durable boxes with excellent printing. The design can be prepared from CMYK and pantone colours.


Confectionery and Food Packaging

Most of the boxes produced by Universal Pak are packagings for food products: boxes for sponge cakes, biscuits, frozen products, take-away products, snacks, pre-cooked meals, chocolate, sweets, milk products, tea, coffee and other drinks or snacks.


konditorejas kaste

In the development of the design for food packaging it is possible to use varied materials, printing technologies and post-treatments. Both cardboard and corrugated cardboard can be used.


Frilled cardboard is recommended when the packaging needs to be durable and robust or a product is bulky and heavy, for example, cheese rolls or a big pretzel. When corrugated cardboard is lined with printed cardboard, lamination, UV lacquering or folio pressing can be used as post-treatment.


We recommend - this box will be easily noticeable with bright printing and will stand out on store shelves.  Universal Pak can used materials and paints for printing certified as food contact materials.


Packaging for Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Cardboard packages for beer (for 4 or 6 bottles) is the most popular packaging for alcoholic beverages. For these boxes durability is important, to ensure that the box holds the weight, as well as top printing quality.


kartona alus kastes IMG 7284gBoxes for champagne, wine and spirits are made by the application of a different technology. In this case, the lined corrugated cardboard technology is used. 


The base of a box is made of micro-corrugated cardboard which forms the shape of a box, provides durability and robustness. Printed cardboard is used as the finish for a box.


A full CMYK and pantone printing area can be applied to cardboard sheet and all available post-treatment possibilities can be used: lamination, UV lacquering, rising impressions, folio pressing. An exquisite and easily noticeable packaging can be made by combining printing and post-treatment possibilities.


A bottle packages in a nice box will also serve as a nice present to your client.


Packages for Cosmetic Products

parfimerijas kastePackages for creams: face, hands, body; boxes for nail lacquers, soap, as well as gift boxes for cosmetic products and sets.


In the production of this type of products most attention is focused on quality and the accuracy of post-treatment. Starting from the verification of the printing file and the selection of the material/ cardboard up to packaging and delivery.


Nowadays it is important that packaging for cosmetics products is made of environmentally friendly materials. Universal Pak can use high quality recycled cardboard as well as cardboard with the FSC certificate. 


In order to visualise the end result, Universal Pak can print-out a sample and cut a box structure. During the post-treatment it is possible to combine several processes on the same item, for example, to combine rising impressions with gold pressing, rising impressions with UV lacquer, in order to bring out special details of the box.

Presentation Materials

prezentacijas materiali

Within this category both materials and post-treatment options can be varied. 


Universal Pak has been producing presentation materials from PVC film, escaboard (kappa), paper and cardboard. Presentation materials: show box,  advertisement displays, cup/ glass mats, souvenirs, magnets, stickers.


Show box- a box/ display where small products can be placed, for example, chocolate bars, small boxes. chewing gum, etc. Show box will distinguish your products on store shelves, it will be easy for shop assistants to arrange them and for buyers to decide in favour of buying the nicely presented product. 


Show boxes are tailor made from cardboard, lined corrugated cardboard and printed corrugated cardboard. Show boxes where the lined corrugated cardboard technology is used are stable, durable and robust. The design can be prepared from CMYK and pantone colours.

Paper Bags

papira maisi

A great way for advertising your brand by printing it on a nice bag. Your client will be able to re-use this bag and will bring your brand to the public every time.


We produce paper bags of various types and sizes. Bags made of brown craft with/ without printing, with/ without a window for confectionery products. Paper bags with a string, ribbon handles or cut handles. Various possibilities as to sizes and post-treatment.


The design can be made of CMYK and pantone colours, also offset technology can be used. Following the printing, various post-treatment processes can be combined for bringing out the details of the bag. We recommend - matt laminate with glossy fragmented UV lacquer coating looks great on a dark design.


Sleeves for Various Packagings

This is an excellent way for distinguishing your product among competing products on store shelves.


Sleeves are suitable for making glass, plastic and other material packaging more visible. Sleeves can be easily applied on a product or a package, moreover this is a more cost-efficient solution in comparison to cardboard boxes.


Sleeves are an excellent option when it is necessary to "dress" a product differently for a campaign, for example: Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, etc., without changing the basic permanent design of the product.


Technical possibilities allow making the design of sleeves by applying all the printing and post-treatment options: lamination, UV lacquering, folio pressing and rising impressions. The cutting technology allows making any form, folding marks, cuts, windows to ensure that sleeves perfectly fit the product.


Technological Possibilities

Universal Pak offers full service and a broad range of technological options to chose from. Starting from the development of the design and the verification of the printing file up to packaging and delivery.


Designers will develop both the product design and prepare the file in compliance with the conditions for the preparation of files for printing. This will guarantee that the further production process will be smooth and with no complications.


Verification of the printing file - at this stage we examine the file in order to see if it was prepared correctly from the technical point of view, verify against the specification provided in advance. Colours are separated. In case of necessity we inform the client of deficiencies that need to be eliminated.


Printing - full colour printing on paper or cardboard up to the size B1 and printing on corrugated cardboard up to the size B1.


Post-treatment possibilities: lamination, UV lacquering, rising impressions, folio pressing.  Cutting, gluing, manual tasks, logistics. 


Required preparations prior to printing - printing of print samples, development of the box structure and cutting on a plotter.

Polygraphic Possibilities

Creative, knowledgeable and experienced personnel of Universal Pak will find the most suitable printing solution for your needs.


We have gained experience not only in the production of cardboard packaging which is our core business, but also in the production of plastic bags, books and advertising materials. We will be able to find a solution also in this area.

  • We can also perform separate production processed for polygraphic projects, for example, cutting or printing.
  • Preparations before printing - development of the design, development of the box structure and its cutting on a plotter, the technical examination of the file for printing, ordering of materials, for example, printing plates, UV lacquer, folio pressing, rising impressions, preparation of the cutting mould.
  • Printing and post-treatment:
  • printing on paper/ cardboard, micro-corrugated cardboard;
  • post-treatment: lamination, UV lacquering - 100%, fragments, folio pressing, rising impressions, cutting, lining, manual tasks.
  • Logistics - we will deliver ready orders in Latvia and outside Latvia.
  • Packaging material - various types of packaging paper, films, cardboard for wholesale and retail.











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