Confectionery Packaging

The biggest clients of Universal Pak represent food processing companies - producers of sweets, cheese; grain processing companies; bakeries who all trust our printing house for producing confectionery boxes for them.


We help our clients achieve their own goals. We listen to our clients, to their ideas and visions about what they would like to have and what it important for them. These are our guidelines that we follow when we produce boxes for confectionery.

Boxes for Cakes and Biscuits

Bright colours and accurate box structure - this is what you see from outside showing what a buyer will receive upon opening a package of biscuits - taste, aroma; all this can clearly be visualised by using the printing house services.


Boxes for Cakes and Sponge Cakes

Various types of board and forms allow making packaged for cakes and sponge cakes following one's own fantasy. This can be done thanks to the cutting technology and the broad range of materials. By using the advantages offered by the offset printing and post-treatment possibilities, boxes for cakes and sponge cakes can be made as nice as cakes and sponge cakes themselves. It is quite often that the final buying decision depends on the visual image of packaging. Top sales results can be achieved by the skilful work of the designer and the printing house.


 Boxes for Pancakes and Salad

Snacks that are selected by buyers in order to save time. A board package for salad will appeal to a buyer paying a short visit to a petrol station for filling gasoline; the package for pancakes will invite a buyer to enjoy a tasty desert. Often packages with pancakes and salad are placed in stores at easily reachable places, therefore the quality of materials is important to ensure that the packages with pancakes and salad displayed in a fridge would maintain their appearance and form. Most often packages for salad and pancakes are used as a board sleeve and supplements the basic packaging which is a plastic box. Thanks to the cutting technology, board sleeves can be adjusted to the shapes of plastic boxes.


Boxes for Various Confectionery Products

Packaging for chocolate, sweets, board boxes for various sweet snacks. Within this category the attention is focused on the accuracy, on sophisticated details to ensure that the sweets displayed at a shop would appeal to buyers. Packaging for chocolate is exquisite work. Specially selected materials are used and the work is entrusted to the most skilful operators. Sweets are associated with celebrations, let it be a single chocolate bar or a box with a selection of sweets, the packaging will be the first one inviting to celebrate.



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