Printer Cartridge Packaging


Universal Pak offer a broad range of packaging for lazer and ink printer cartridges of various sizes.


Development of Design

The printing file is prepared from CMYK and pantone colours. The file is prepared in compliance with the terms for preparing files for printing.  In the planning and creating the design for this structure of a box it is possible to use the advantages of the offset printing technology: 100% paint coverage; high picture resolution for fine items; bright, pronounced colours for large areas. Contrasts are visible - dark items against a light background or light items against a dark background.


Development of the Box Structure

In order to make the structure of a box, the internal dimensions and the visualisation of the box needs to be known. This could be a drawing or a photo of a box.  The above two units are sufficient for drawing the required structure with the needed dimensions. When the drawing file is ready, this is put together with the printing file. They are aligned, so that the dimensions of the printing file comply with the structure and the design is logically subordinated to the box structure. The lined corrugated boxes from Universal Pak combine the quality of the offset printing with the durability features of the corrugated board. Based on the post-printing treatment possibilities and the sophistication feeling, it is possible to apply UV lacquer, folio print (for bringing out specific details) or laminate that would make the box more durable and ensure moisture protection.


Preparations Before Printing

A printing file with the applied box structure is delivered. Then it is forwarded to the layout designer who will check the technical compliance of the printing files with the conditions for preparing files for printing. In order to visualise the end product, it is possible to print out a paper "proof" that would present colours and to cut out the box from the envisaged material on a plotter.


Manufacturing Process

When the printing file is declared usable for the further production process, all the required layouts and materials are approved (a paper, electronic proof, paper/ board, the box structure, etc.), the production is started. The paper board is printed and post-treatment is carried out if required: UV lacquering, raised impressions, folio pressing, lamination. When all the required post-treatment is completed on a printing sheet, it is lined with a corrugated board sheet.   Later cutting is done and boxes are glued, packed and delivered to clients. This type of cardboard boxes are not only used for packing cartridges, they can also be used as packaging for food (alcoholic beverages, cheese, etc), as show boxes, and for packing household appliances.

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